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AGI MedKit

TRAUMASIM Haemorrhage Control Simulator – Junctional

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The Haemorrhage Control Simulator is a realistic, robust training aid for teaching and practising the most critical and difficult of external haemorrhages – junctional wounds. This training aid with 3 separate wounds – groin wound (junctional), outer thigh wound & mid-thigh amputation – allows trainees to use a junctional tourniquet, a standard limb tourniquet and haemostatic dressings all in one unit.

The fleshy wound end can also be used for the stump dressing technique. The simulated pelvis connects to a pump, and simulated blood flows from the wounds; taps control the 3 injuries separately. Set consists of: Includes: Simulated pelvis & thigh All tubing and fittings Silicone skin & urethane bone 5-litre manual pressure pump Rugged construction for field use Packed in rigid plastic trunk Please note connection colours may vary depending on stock availability.