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AGI MedKit

TRAUMASIM Arm Haemorrhage Control Simulator

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This medically accurate part-task trainer is made from medical-grade silicone.

Developed to aid in the delivery of bleeding control training, it simulates a full adult arm with a junctional wound near the armpit and a laceration across the radial artery - both suitable for wound packing and tourniquet application.

The unit has internal functionality that stops the bleed when the haemorrhage is controlled, providing instant feedback to the trainee. Each wound can bleed independently and a tap on a manual pump allows blood flow control. A bracket that allows the temporary installation to a desk or bench is available as optional. Easy to clean and easy to carry!

Australian designed and manufactured, this simulator is a necessity for any Trainers looking for suitable practical training aids and is guaranteed to add realism to your course delivery!

Quantity: 1 x Arm Haemorrhage Control Simulator