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AGI MedKit

MODULATOR EXTREME Waterproof Tough First Aid and Trauma Kit

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For those unexpected and extreme situations, the Modulator Extreme is a comprehensive first aid kit that can support you to be first aid ready. 

Kit dimensions: 43 x 38 x 15.4cm

This first aid kit is extremely versatile and could support safety for a range of industry and professions from farmers and agriculture, to hazardous work environments such as mines, construction sites, or forestry.

This first aid kit combines a range of lifesaving essentials into 6 easily identifiable modules with a tourniquet and Israeli bandages packaged in a tough, practical and easy to access case.

Ready for a range of emergencies, the Modulator Extreme has the added benefit of space to add in your choice of Heartsine AED*. 
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Modulator Cuts and Grazes ModuleModulator Eye ModuleDressing & Bandage ModuleModulator Burns ModuleModulator Snake Bite ModuleModulator Trauma Module

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*Heartsine AED and Prep Kit sold separately.