Simplifying Your Medical Supply Needs: The Benefits of Subscriptions with AGI MedKit

Simplifying Your Medical Supply Needs: The Benefits of Subscriptions with AGI MedKit

At AGI MedKit, we are dedicated to not only providing high-quality medical supplies and equipment but also making your life easier. That's why we're excited to introduce our subscription service, a hassle-free way to ensure you never run out of essential medical products. In this blog post, we'll dive into the numerous benefits of subscribing to receive a product monthly or three monthly, highlighting how this service can streamline your medical supply needs and bring peace of mind to your healthcare routine.

Consistent Availability

Medical supplies are crucial, and running out of them can be both inconvenient and potentially risky. With our  subscription service, you'll enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your essential products will arrive on time, every time, whether that  is each month or every three months. Say goodbye to last-minute rushes to restock and the stress of uncertain availability.

Effortless Convenience

Life can get busy, and staying on top of your medical supply inventory might not always be a top priority. Our subscription service eliminates the need for manual reordering. Once you set up your subscription, you can sit back and relax, knowing that your chosen products will be delivered directly to your doorstep at your preferred intervals.

Customized Flexibility

Not all medical needs are the same, and that's why our subscription service is designed with flexibility in mind. You have the freedom to choose the products you need and the delivery frequency that suits your usage patterns. Whether it's wound care supplies, personal protective equipment, or any other essential items, you're in control of what you receive and how often.

Time and Cost Savings

By subscribing to receive a product every month or every three months, you're not only saving time but also  reducing costs. Regularly replenishing your supplies through our subscription service will allow you to save 5% when you subscribe on a three monthly basis or 10% when you subscribe on monthly basis.

Preventative Healthcare Approach

Consistency in using medical supplies can be crucial to maintaining your health or managing a medical condition. Our subscription service promotes a proactive approach to healthcare by ensuring you always have what you need when you need it. Regularly receiving products encourages you to stay on top of your healthcare routine.

Easy Management and Modifications

Managing your subscription is as simple as a few clicks. Need to update your delivery address, change the products in your subscription, or adjust the delivery frequency? Our user-friendly platform allows you to make these changes effortlessly, putting you in complete control of your subscription.

We have taken the time to outline the basic steps in setting up your subscription below:

1. Navigate to your desired item

2. Click the subscribe and save button and decided whether you would like a monthly subscription (saving 10%) or a three monthly subscription (saving 5%) before clicking the 'Add to cart' button

3. Once you have clicked the 'Add to cart' button, you can then decide to go to checkout or continue shopping, where you can add other products to your subscription or make a onetime purchase.

4. Once you have clicked the 'Check out'  button you will be taken to the checkout screen, it is important to add your correct details here as an account will be made for you so you can manage your subscription. It is also important to read the terms of the subscription before agreeing to them

5. Once you have completed your checkout, you will be sent a receipt with your purchase

6. To manage the subscription, please log into your account by firstly clicking on the account icon

7. Enter your account details and click the 'Sign In' button

8. You will then be directed to your account, here you will be able to view your previous orders as well as click on the 'Manage Subscription' button to amend your subscription

9. Once you have clicked on the 'Manage Subscription' button, you will be shown your current subscription, from here you can do the following:

a. Cancel the subscription by clicking the 'Cancel Subscription' button

b. Navigate to view other subscription options by clicking the 'see more details' button where you can:

i. Delete certain products from the subscription by pressing the bin icon

ii. Add products to the current subscription by clicking the 'Add Product' button or scrolling down to the bottom of the subscription page to search for a specific product to add

iii. Reschedule your order by clicking the 'Reschedule' button where you can then choose the desired date you would like to reschedule the order to

iv. Order the subscription order now through clicking the 'Order Now' button

v. Skip the next subscription order by clicking the 'Skip Order' button, which will skip the next order but continue on with your subscription there after

vi. Edit the frequency of your subscription between monthly and three monthly by clicking the 'Edit Frequency' button

vii. Redeem a discount code that we may send to you if you are a long term customer by inputting the discount code and clicking the 'Apply' button

viii. Change your shipping details or payment details by clicking the respective 'Edit' button

ix. Pause your subscription by clicking the 'Pause' button

At AGI MedKit, we believe that healthcare should be accessible, convenient, and reliable. Our monthly and three monthly subscription service embodies these principles, offering you a seamless way to maintain a consistent supply of essential medical products. By subscribing to receive a product every month, you're not just saving time, effort, and money but you're investing in your well-being. Experience the benefits of hassle-free healthcare with AGI MedKit's subscription service today.

To get started or learn more about our subscription options, visit our website or reach out to our dedicated customer support team via Your health and convenience are our priorities, and we're excited to be a part of your healthcare journey.